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Diversity at the next level requires us to take the conversation outside the corporate walls, beyond affinity groups, and to both genders.

"Once we smash the glass ceiling, the walls can come tumbling down between genders, races, sexual orientations, and generations - creating an authentic environment in the workforce to make better decisions, improve productivity, grow profits, and strengthen our families and communities."

Explore our growing community [we are already in 10 countries!] and join us in our breakthrough [the glass ceiling] thinking!

Latest Tweets

  • Different is better. ,
  • Global Summit delegate suggests that young women choose their spouses carefully. Align them with your career. ,
  • Getting men involved in diversity requires that companies put the numbers out. Get transparent on hiring numbers, pay differentials etc. ,
  • Former Kyrgyzstan President: We think of the instability of Syria. Where there is danger, women go to help. I ask: Is this true in business? ,


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