The Soluna Institute

just as the sun (masculine) and the moon (feminine) are required for a full day, men and women are required for full, and better corporate leadership decisions. By fostering gender diversity at the highest levels, we will create the behavior set to bring all diversity issues into the ‘human conversation’.

The mission in the Institute is:

to support the research, education and the sharing of personal practices amongst individuals and best practices for companies that will create a new paradigm of work where women proportionately join, and stay, in leadership positions, with men, creating a path to the ‘human conversation’, encompassing all diverse issues into one workforce.

The vision in the Institute is:

to continue the conversation on ideas to close the gender gap in leadership as the beginning of the larger diversity initiative;
 to create the return on investment (ROI) for companies for diverse practices through gender; 
to fund research projects, including whitepapers and documentary films supporting our cause; and 
to create communities, such as the “Council of Diversity Leaders” as well as an Advisory Committee of like-minded diversity groups for our research, among others.

Goals of the Soluna Institute:

  1. Facilitate a global conversation among men and women to identify and appreciate diversity overall and the unique leadership styles of both genders that informs our research.
  2. Educate organizations and individuals on actionable practices to aid in culture transformation and effectively balancing the two gender leadership styles to achieve optimal synergy for success due to diversity.
  3. Use our community to create events, webinars, joint research and priority ranking of options to close the diversity gaps in corporations.
  4. Offer learning, coaching and development to individuals, Boards, Executive leadership teams and diversity leaders.
  5. Coach male leaders to better understand and leverage the unique attributes of female leaders to reach strategic and cultural goals in concert with their own strengths.
  6. Support community service projects and other non-profit organizations which share our goals of supporting women and contributing to “closing the gender gap” as the beginning of the diversity path to the ‘human conversation’.

The Soluna Institute was born out of the need to expand on the conversation started by Pamela Teagarden, through her blog. Within just a few weeks of starting the blog, thousands of subscribers around the globe were participating in the conversation. It became obvious that there is an interest and a need to facilitate the ‘how’ in closing the gender gap.