Corporate Offerings

As company leaders, you are accustomed to joining forums and elite workgroups where you share best practices. We would like to innovate, even elevate, your ability to learn and share thought leadership in the diversity space.

Corporate leaders:
Soluna will offer roundtables and salons (Mastermind Councils), where a Board-of-your-peers will offer guidance as to how to take an idea forward in your unique set of circumstances. Soluna leverages the community conversation as the agenda for helping to transform organizations into authentic and diverse cultures.

Diversity Initiative Leaders:
Given all of the innovation and current findings we have, already, from our conversation, we will offer ‘Boot Camps’ for diversity leaders.  Too often the leader of your initiative is given the task because they are in HR, or because they are a minority or because they have expressed an interest.  There are times when the diversity leader is going through his/her own personal journey through diversity, and/or it has not been a part of his/her ‘normal job’, until now.  Let us help.  We have created a curriculum that will put these leaders through some paces to plan and implement a more complete look at diversity as a business practice.  Our offering takes candidates through the entire diversity equation all the way through to ‘the human conversation’, according to our D3 model.  This is the point where real transition can happen in your organization.

Board of Directors/Leadership Team Assessments
We have the ability, using a tool and a patented process from one of our affiliate partners, to assess your executive and Board-level leadership, against the human conversation, to show you what ‘strategic behaviors and attitudes’ you are missing, so you will understand diversity at the highest level.  The results of this assessment will show you what you are missing now and for your future strategy, giving you the ability to fill these gaps with balance, and, in turn, diversity.

People Practice Overview:
Using a patented process belonging to one of our affiliate partners, we can success model your people practices toward the ‘human conversation’, giving you the framework to create and foster a sustainable, diverse workforce.  with an ROI!

Internal Corporate Conversations:
You can expect that we will also offer our corporate sponsors the ability to take the community conversation(s) back into your offices, wherever possible. We will certainly offer talking points and sequencing to our highly ranked views of the community for you to tailor to your own corporate initiatives.


Watch this space as we complete our site development, with our underwriters, to show case studies, examples and allow you to try our our partner’s tools.  Until then, just contact us and we will give you the information you need to make a decision as to what we can do for you!