Ideas & Actions

At Soluna, we want to do things a bit differently.  Yes, we will fund research.  Yes, we will organize lists of best practices.


We want the conversation to drive actions that the community feels are relevant.  Little social experiments.  Big social experiments.  Local transitions.  Global transitions.  All from individual transitions and ‘crazy’ ideas.

From everything we[you] know, here are some personal practices that anyone can take on at any time.  We will add to these regularly, and our intent is to put together a practice-a-month, or week.  This is one of the great outcomes that we believe a global conversation can give us.

Of course, we will not forget the corporation.  We are not satisfied until global corporations represent the appropriate behavior set to foster diversity.  With all of the reach, all of the money and all of the power that big corporations have, we believe that the world will be a better place with diversity at the top.  So, we will certainly have some best practices for companies [of all sizes].

The conversation, the personal and corporate practices and everything we gather on our own will become the research that we offer our community.  See how the 3 kinds of research we intend to offer.

And, finally, we will award the most innovative ideas from our community.